specialized in the distribution and customer service of instruments, equipment and accessories for the GI field

The perfect partner, since 1951

1951, Turin: the company M.G. Lorenzatto is founded. Today, it is one of the leaders in Italy, specialized in the distribution and customer service of instruments, equipment and accessories for gastroenterology, endoscopy, surgery and advanced diagnostics.

M.G. Lorenzatto began its activity representing international brands such as Ethicon, Pilling and Snowden, and it became the exclusive distributor of Olympus Optical, renowned as the worldwide benchmark of flexible endoscopes. By the late 1980s, M.G. Lorenzatto had set up a capillary network for post-sales support and customer service throughout Italy. In this same period, Cophos, a brand active in industrial endoscopes, was founded; after affirming its success, it was absorbed as a division of the head office. In 1997, M.G. Lorenzatto moved to new, impressive headquarters in Grugliasco, on the outskirts of Turin; shortly afterward, it began to distribute other important manufacturers, including Given Imaging, US Endoscopy (for central and southern Italy), Barrx, Cellvizio and MI Tech. In 2011, to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, the company created its new trademark.

Today, M.G. Lorenzatto is still run by the same family which founded and gave its name to the company. With 28 collaborators, and fifteen salesmen who follow up and provide customer service for the products the company distributes throughout Italy, M.G. Lorenzatto has become one of the most renowned and appreciated brands in Gastroenterology: the ideal partner for local health authorities, hospitals and universities which want cutting-edge technology for their patients and important brands for their medical and surgical sectors. These international trademarks are distributed throughout the world; they require a local intermediary capable of traveling throughout Italy with their same authority and reliability.


100% excellence

To choose an M.G. Lorenzatto product means to choose cutting-edge technology and all-around security. In fact, each and every M.G. Lorenzatto product is tested before it leaves the warehouse and is tested once again upon delivery to the client. Clients are given an instructive course taught by personnel who are specialized in the particular product and who regularly undergo technical refresher courses conducted by the manufacturers of the equipment.

At company there is also a dedicated service for assistence and maintenance of the instruments.

And for clients who prefer to not purchase the equipment, M.G. Lorenzatto offers various alternative solutions: rentals of varying lengths of time, service contracts, loans. These solutions are widely appreciated by hospitals, in part thanks to the accompanying full-risk maintenance contracts and relative technological updates.