M.G. Lorenzatto, since many years specialized in the distribution and customer service of instruments, equipment and accessories for gastroenterology, endoscopy, surgery and advanced diagnostics


The perfect partner, since 1951

Each M.G. Lorenzatto product is tested before it leaves the warehouse and is tested once again upon delivery to the client. Clients are given an instructive course taught by specialised personnel


For clients who prefer to not purchase the equipment, M.G. Lorenzatto offers various alternative solutions: rentals of varying lengths of time, service contracts, loans

M.G.Lorenzatto is the ideal partner for local health authorities, hospitals and universities which want cutting-edge technology for their patients and important brands for their medical and surgical sectors

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High-tech range of products

M.G. Lorenzatto distributes only products of excellence built by leading manufacturers
To choose an M.G. Lorenzatto product means to choose cutting-edge technology and all-around securit

  • Medical simulators Medical simulators for different medical specialties
  • MiroCam Capsule Endoscope for the diagnostic view of the entire small bowel
  • Padlock Clip™ Advanced Endoscopic Clip System for effective closure of GI defects

Experience guarantees the assistance

M.G. Lorenzatto Service is able to provide its clients with rapid assistance for all the instruments it installs, thanks to the company’s experienced personnel, who are carefully chosen and continuously undergo refresher courses conducted directly by the manufacturers of the instruments

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The most sophisticated equipment for checking and fine-tuning the instruments, an impressive storehouse of spare parts and substitute equipment, the professionalism of its laboratory technicians

Endoscope Repair Service

The M.G. Lorenzatto endoscope repair service has an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio, even compared to repairs conducted by the instrument manufacturers themselves

Service Center

Service Center
Corso Vercelli 28-30
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